Create a Canva Welcome Packet

Today’s freebie. .

Before I begin today’s virtual assistant post, I want to say that I like to think outside the box and to explore possibilities that are not the norm. I get it that conventional wisdom says do this and do that in order to be successful with your VA business. But maybe that won’t work for you and your clients. That’s ok. Be bold, be courageous and be your authentic self. It will all work out in the end.

I have mentioned Abbey Ashley, The Virtual Savvy, previously, and I am truly not trying to name drop. It’s just that I have benefited so much from her core principle of being radically generous that I just have to continue to give her a shout out. One of the many free resources she has gifted me with is a Mock VA Portfolio template editable in Canva. If you are not familiar with Canva, check them out! After researching about what to include in a Welcome Packet, I edited the aforementioned template and created my own Welcome Packet. There are tons of great free Canva how-to videos out there, AND the site is moderately intuitive once you start to use it. Your style and preferences will dictate what you want to include in your Welcome Packet.

Why create a Welcome Packet? After you have booked a client, you send this all-in-one packet to your new client. Everything about your process, your deliverables, your expectations, what you need from the client and whatever else you want to include is documented in one place. After your contract is signed, send the Welcome Packet along with your up-front payment invoice so that this new relationship can move forward quickly and efficiently. It also provides an opportunity for another call with your client to answer questions. Communication is such a key in life in general and certainly for Virtual Assistants. I personally prefer over communication rather than under communication.

So what will you include in your Welcome Packet?

For a sneak peak at mine, see the screenshots below.


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