And then this happened

Have you ever had a job where within the first couple of days you knew that it was not a good match for you or for your boss/client?

If you are over 30 years old, it’s likely that you can relate. What did you do? How long did you stay around?

Back up just a bit — were there any warning signs before you took the job? Why didn’t you pay attention to them BEFORE you said yes to the job?

What will you do differently the next time? Were you able to walk away without “burning bridges”?

So yeah — that happened. Since then, I have continued to look for new clients/jobs and communicated with possible clients. I have learned that there are certain jobs tasks that I am interested in taking on and others that I have zero interest in. There are other factors, too, like time commitment, hourly rate and location — though remote jobs are what I apply for.

What about you? Have you niched down or are you a generalist? Do you do project work only, hourly work only or a mix of both?

Though I feel like things have moved rather slowly, I am hopeful and expectant for new things in 2022. I have spent the time that I currently have available to invest in VA work in job searching, submitting applications, and interviewing. Thus, the blog, the website and my social media accounts have all been silent.

I believe that in the right timing I will find the right next thing.


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